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Hey! I'm Megan


A Mom to 2 beautiful babies under 2, Jack and Sophia (+ our dog Henry too.) A wife to the most supportive husband ever, Collin. And the owner of The Mompreneur Guide.


I'm on a mission to help Mom Entrepreneurs live their ideal life with ease and support instead of just talking about it... because it takes a village to get you where you want to go.... I know I grew up with one!


As a child of a mompreneur, I've been lucky to experience this lifestyle from both sides- as the child and the mom. It's SUCH an impactful decision to make for not only you but your kids too. Which is why I'm such an advocate for it... but by no means is it an easy path. By combining my experiences, education and passion I'm able to help you navigate this lifestyle with as little overwhelm and as much ease as possible.