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The Secret Mom Millionaire


Are you a mom who wants to live life differently BUT right now you're feeling like your only options are...

✨ To go coprorate (which feels like selling your soul)

✨ Or to stay at home (which {full time} can feel like selling your brain)

✨ Or maybe you've tried direct sales (but feel it lacks ownership + is too much of a hustle culture)

You want to be BOTH a Present Mom AND an Impactful woman

....... so to quote Barney Stinson "Haaaveeeee you met" Mompreneurship?

Here's the 🎉

As a 3rd generation mompreneur + podcast host who's interviewed hundreds of successful women, I've learned:

  • Most women feel stuck dreaming about a life that looks different than her own


  • Many have taken the leap since COVID


  • BUT are left feeling unsure, frustrated and curious about how other women have reached that dream life they crave


Good news... it's not just amazing stars like Reese Witherspoon living this present + productive millionaire lifestyle.... that mom next door is too! (and so can you!)

mompreneur millionaire

This is not just a show......

It's a movement- a platform that shows women what's possible, that sparks converstation and creates not only mom leaders but a stronger next generation.

Megan Moran Mompreneur Podcast

In this podcast meets immersive talk show program, we're highlighting mompreneurs who've found this freedom- from million-dollar dreams to million-dollar bank accounts.

Together we:

  • Walk through their business recounting HOW they made it to where they are today.


  • Then we sit down for a real, raw and honest conversation about motherhood.


  • All while addressing the mindset it takes to make it all happen.

Long story short... it's a conversation want to be a part of it!

So... how can you contribute?

We're looking for either:

✨  Sponsors who want to be a part of the conversation 


✨ Or Millionaire Mompreneurs who want to be featured on the show

mompreneur tv show

If you have started your own business (unfortunately this is not for direct sales mamas) or are a company that's interested + agree with our manifesto below then you'd be a great fit👇🏻

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