2.5 days | Fort Lauderdale, FL: February 6- 8, 2023


The most unique asset we own is the connections we make. To:

  • Ourself
  • Our peers
  • And our community

They're the currency that affords our dream biz and life.

Soooo when was the last time you nurtured them to their potential?

... that's EXACTLY why we designed this retreat.

It's for the mompreneur who:

  • Is beyond ready to reconnect with others (because she knows it's the key to long-lasting success)
  • Always feels either present or productive, but somehow never both at once
  • Realizes it's 99% mindset work and 1% strategy... but has no idea where to begin
  • Has played too small for too long and is ready to jump to that next level
  • Feels anxious or stressed about what to do next
  • But knows she's meant to be a Recognized Resource in her space
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Good news is! You don't have to wait to

Sign up for the retreat and knowing the strategy, support + self-care you crave is just around the corner.

(6 Month Payment Plan Available)


2.5 days | Fort Lauderdale, FL | February 6-8, 2023 | PRESALE: $350/m for 6m

During our time together, our tight-knit group will make purposeful connections to build:

  • SOULFUL STRATEGY | Together we'll align your actions with your inner strengths, so you don’t just get things done. But you get clear on the right things to get done to become an Authority in your space + a Present Mom.
  • STRENGTH IN SUPPORT | Raise your vibe and grow at the retreat, with women who share your goal to connect. Leave with a lifetime support system who truly get it (ALL of it.)
  • GUILT-FREE SELF-CARE | Meditation, yoga, reiki, breathwork, stillness, space, fun and freedom. Just what you need to recharge + become the best mompreneur you can be.

..... It's the secret sauce to success!

(6 Month Payment Plan Available)

Let's talk

* 6 Month Payment Plans Available

Travel + Lodging not included

  • Relaxing yet Luxe, Coastal Vibes hosted in the beautiful town of Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • 2.5 days of transformation | Mindful work done in the mornings + strategy sessions in the afternoons
  • Breakfast and lunch every day. Dinners and evenings are your free time; deepen your connections with others on the retreat or use it to soak in the s p a c e
  • ALL of our Get-It-Done Guides

You don't need to prepare anything work-related beforehand. Simply sign-up and relax until the event.

When you get here and dedicate yourself to the activities and connections- you'll reap all the rewards!

(6 Month Payment Plan Available)

Got a Q? We've got the A's!

How much does an in-person ticket cost?

The retreat is $350/m for 6m or $1997 PIF  when you sign-up during our PRESALE!

What's included in this cost?
  • 2.5 days of strategy and self-care sessions
  • Intention setting + mindset sessions
  • Personalized strategy from Megan
  • All of our Get-It-Done Guides
  • Breakfast, lunch, drinks and snacks
What's not included in the cost of this retreat?
  • Transportation
  • Lodging
  • Dinners
How do I receive $1000 off?

Simply sign up by December 30th with the link below!

What's the schedule?

**Our time together is filled with intention and flow so our rough schedule is below:

Monday, February 6th + Tuesday, February 7th: 9am-4pm

  • We'll start off the day at the house with intention setting + a mindset check-in while eating a delicious healthy breakfast.
  • Around noon we'll head out on the town for a local lunch and start to talk through strategy then too.
  • We'll wrap up the day at the house and then you're free to shop, explore the area, immerse yourself in the local parks, go to bed early (lol) or get to know your fellow attendees better.

Wednesday, February 8th: 11:30am-2:30pm

  • We'll spend this day taking in the amazing views at the house while eating a delicious meal over our signature cocktail + recapping what we've learned and what to expect when you reintegrate into your biz and home life.
  • You'll leave this session with a game plan and all the tools you need to feel self-assured as a mom and entrepreneur.
Which airport should I fly into?

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is the closest- about a 20 minute drive to Fort Lauderdale.

Where should I stay?

Mastermind members stay at the Airbnb for free. (Check out our Mastermind here)


I'd recommend The Grand Pelican Beach Resort- it's a 6 minute Uber to all the activities, right in town and it's newly renovated and GORGEOUS!

There are also airbnbs + other hotels available in the area.

My question is not here- who do I chat with?

Send us an email at: or a DM here.

(6 Month Payment Plan Available)