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The Mompreneur Guide

An A to Z Handbook on Being a Present + Productive Mom


You're a momprenuer on a mission...

✨ You've got a movement and message to get out there

✨ A passion to serve and support your clients

✨ a desire to create a whole world around the work that you do...

✨ ... All while being around for your kids

You want to be BOTH an authority in your space AND an intentional mom

....... BUT right now you're feeling unsure on just how to get it done.

Let us 🎉

This book is unlike any business or self-help book you've read before:

  • Not only is it packed with successful business strategies that have helped mompreneurs go from starting their business to scaling it into a multi-million dollar empire


  • BUT it also teaches you about the mindset, schedule and life structures to be a present mom who raises kind, entrepreneurial minded kids... without losing her mind


Oh and did I mention it's so beautiful that you'll want to gift it to every mompreneur you know and keep a copy for yourself on your desk?

MMS-1050 copy

This is not your typical business book......

This is a mom entrepreneur's "What to Expect When You're Expecting"

It's an insider's guide to achieving that ultimate freedom and fulfillment that comes from running your own business while being there for your kids.

We're sharing the lessons we've learned from 100s of mompreneurs who've found this freedom- from million-dollar dreams to million-dollar bank accounts.

And we want to be a part of it!

How can you contribute?


We're looking for Mompreneur's who either:

have a success strategy to share


✨ Or are willing to answer some mompreneur questions to fuel our research

If you have started your own business (unfortunately this is not for direct sales mamas) + agree with our manifesto below then you'd be a great fit👇🏻

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