The Mompreneur Guide

Hey fellow Mompreneur! I'm Megan. Mom to 2 beautiful babies under 2, Jack and Sophia (+ our dog Henry too.) Wife to the most supportive husband ever, Collin. And the owner of this space here. I live in a cute town outside of Cleveland, OH called Chagrin Falls where I spend my spacious days laughing with my kids, chilling with my hubby and enjoying as much quality time together as possible.... and that's what I can help you do too.

As a child of a mompreneur, I've been lucky to experience this lifestyle from both sides- as the child and the mom.... and let me tell you... that information is powerful.

As a child I saw the FREEDOM owning your own business brings. It allowed my parents to be there for all my moments and to follow their passions while giving me the gift of present parents and a strong work ethic. As soon as I recognized this I knew I wanted my kids to grow up the same way.

As a high achieving woman I'm sure you can relate, wanting to do what you love and be there for your kids big and little moments. But it wasn't until I actually had my kids and theory turned to reality that I realized it's not that easy. It takes strategy, confidence, support and focus to "do it all" and my mission is to help you navigate the madness that is mompreneurship with quick credible information, easy to use tools, and the gift of time freedom. Because there is nothing more relieving and exciting than that.



Add hours back to their days


Being a mom, wife, entreprenuer, and individual is HARD. Your family and those fleeting precious moments come first. It's why you decided to go into business for yourself after all. But actually living your life the way you want feels easier said than done.


You want your days to feel spacious and your mind decluttered. You want decision making to be a easy and mom-guilt free as possible. Most importantly, you want to live every day to it's fullest.


It takes a little strategy, the support of a community, and self-care.... but with the help of my proprietary process, the TIME FREEDOM FORMULA: your ideal days can become your life.

Me and Kids

My Story

I come from a family of entrepreneurs and because of this I’ve always known I wanted to run my own business some day. I knew I wanted to be able to get my work done and see the big moments. Pick my kids up from school and teach them what hard work and a solid work ethic feels like by having them in the business. I wanted the flexibility to focus on them, because my family is the most important thing in my life, but to also be able to stimulate my mind critically and creatively and help others too.


I knew I was meant to be a mom but that that purpose and responsibility included showing my kids you have to do stuff for yourself too.


This is everything I’ve always wanted. So in high school I started my own business. I had always been interested in fashion and had an eye for style so I made that my life mission- helping working moms find their signature style and show up as their best and most self-assured selves everyday.


….. then I actually had my kids. I started my family. I had two under two. And my business wasn’t exactly serving me how I had always imagined. I heard a voice saying my time was up and I was meant to do something else. Something more.


I needed to get my priorities in order. I needed to figure out how much time to spend on what. And I needed to figure out what I felt I was meant to help people with.


The Who was easy: fellow mompreneurs like me.

I grew up with them, I was one, and I’ve always been passionate about sharing and helping people like me get ahead with the things I’ve learned. (If you know me you know I’m an avid researcher. You need an answer- I’ve got one or will find one for you!)


The what was something I had to ponder. I journaled, made lists, got to the core of who I was and that was when I realized I’d done something special, not only to get myself out of this “balancing it all” overwhelm but also to make sure my days were being lived with purpose- my full purpose.


I had created a process that uncovers and leverages who you are at the core to guide your goals, align that with your reality, and keep you accountable so you could continue to live your life the way you want no matter how it grows, ebbs, and flows.


I had to put myself through the formula twice just to get my “ish” together. But that’s the beauty of it. It’s something I could come back to again and again.


The last piece of the puzzle was the how. How would I help other mompreneurs like me map their ideal lives to their days? How would I help them find their purpose and align it with their time? 


And it hit me- what are the two things us mom entrepreneurs never get enough of but always need? Community and Self-care. 


You learn quickly as a new mom that you can’t do it all- the “it takes a village” phrase is true. But I always struggled to find other women like me. Women who were in the throes of running their business with young kids. Who were ambitious like me and wanted to create a six figure income working part time to be present with her family but also feel like she’s contributing. I needed some business besties who I could vent to, bounce ideas off of, and just feel accountable and supported by who get it.


I also learned early on in motherhood that self-care is crucial. I never want to miss a moment but if I don’t fill up my own cup I’m unable to appreciate those moments because I’m drained. So Collin, my husband, and I instituted “me” time nights, “us” nights, and me time mornings. We added self-care to our SCHEDULES and the results were amazing.


So that’s what I wanted to do for other women like me. I wanted to find my business besties, help them stop doing all the things and finally do only the things they wanted to do. To give them a space to come back again and again, connect with women like them, collaborate, feel accountable and supported, and grow their businesses. To give them tools to do all the things they want to do. And last but not least, to give them a guilt free way to get some self-care too- gotta love when a business expense benefits YOU too!