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74. I May Have Overcommitted with this One….

Have you watched our Mompreneur Guide Mondays yet? If not- we’ve got you covered! Get up to speed on what they’re all about and what we’re talking about this week!

OUR SECOND TO LAST LIVE Mompreneur Guide Monday 😍

Then we’re going to try to do this in reels format… wish me and my gift of gab luck 🤣

✨ Collin learned more about funnels and offer stacking thanks to the amazing @allison_hardy_ and her funnel mapping intensive

✨ I’ve been out of town basically all week between the amazing @stephanie.trzaska retreat, our CONNECT retreat and a girls weekend

✨ CONNECT was OUT OF THIS WORLD- shout out to @stephanie.trzaska @savvyshopkeeper @thecolabevents @biancaleamorra

✨ And thanks to that experience and the help of @cathy.heller and her team:
🎉 we’re announcing a killer new container to support you this week …. More details to come! 📲

✨ plus TWO amazing episodes to check out this week with @emmajoandcompany and @laurasingermarketing so head to the podcast before season 3 wraps up next week 🎧🍭

Phewww anyone else feel like @melissamccarthy in bridesmaids after she gets the 9 dogs🐶
….. “I may have overcommitted a bit”🤣🤣🤣

COMMENT here if you can relate!