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Episode #27: Building a Magical Brand with Hilary Hartling

From Disney VP of Integrated Marketing to Mompreneur of her beautiful baby Ruby and owner of her own brand strategy company-  Hilary Hartling truly has the experience and creativity to help entrepreneurs create captivating brands that resonate. Ones that are clear, cohesive and compelling…. Ring me up right?!

I met Hilary through a blog post she did with the amazing Grace Blacksea from episode #20. She shared how to leverage Disney brand + marketing strategies to grow your small business and I was absolutely captivated. We started chatting and I knew her expertise was a must have on this show!

I was SO surprised by this conversation

1️⃣ Yes there was strategy in there but there was so much more

2️⃣ Like talking about the kind of mothers and role models we want to be

3️⃣ The way we run our businesses based in missions and movements
….. ✨ And how you can do all of that too!

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