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Episode #18: 3 Parenting Strategies to Support Your Kids (And Get Work Done) with Thea Walker

Thea Walker is a work at home mom to an adorable toddler named Jude, a wife, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the owner of Teaching Tinies. From early childhood behavior to sleep, Thea pairs her impressive background with the most recent science based strategies to empower parents to confidently respond to their children.

When Thea started her career, her intention was to help children. She quickly realized that in order to help a child reach their full potential- it takes a team. The captain of that team is YOU, the parent. And the research-based techniques she’s been teaching them have not only brought joy back to parenting but have also helped them maximize their time with their children. Parents gain confidence and children are given the structure and consistency they need to thrive. Helping every child reach their full potential is her life’s work and we are a testament to that.

As I mentioned Thea is not only an amazing mompreneur but she is also our personal sleep consultant. She helped us sleep train Jack at 18 months (days after Sophia was born) and Sophia at 5 months (while also giving us behavior tips for potty training Jack and getting him used to having a sister.) I was SO grateful for our experience with Thea that I’ve told everyone we know about her! So of course I had to share her with you too!

In my mission to be a present + productive mompreneur, I felt it was important to hear the science and recent studies about being present with our kids, the impact our phone time is having on them and how we can be the best role models we can be for them.