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Podcasting Made Easy

Gain the clarity + blueprint you crave with these step-by-step, straight-to-the-point guides. From honing in on your mission, to starting your podcast, to becoming a raved + referred collaborator and more- it's time to finally get that dream project done.

Our Book + TV Show


That's right- both a book + TV show are on the way to help as many mompreneurs live that present + productive life they crave. From our A to Z Mompreneur Handbook to our show uncovering the "secret" Mom Millionaires next door- sharing how possible and attainable this lifestyle is, is a conversation we can't wait to have... and want you in on too!

Hey! I'm Megan


Mom to two beautiful babies under 3 (Jack + Sophia- and our furbaby Henry), a wife to the most supportive husband ever (Collin) and the owner of The Mompreneur Guide.


As a podcast host, professional interviewer and Authority-Building Strategist, I help mompreneurs become natural authorities in their space. Helping them spread their messages and movements in a simple way- so they can be more present + productive.


As a 3rd generation mompreneur, I've been lucky to experience this lifestyle from both sides- as the child and the mom. It's SUCH an impactful decision to make for not only you but your kids too. Which is why I'm such an advocate for it... and want to help you scream your amazingness from the rooftops!