I'm a Mompreneur on a Mission to live a



Mompreneurship is great because it gives you freedom but the flip side is you have NO structure.

Just like parenting you're left to figure it out on your own and as we all know- that's no easy feat!


- Raising your kids and actually savoring your time with them


- Building a successful business around your passion + skills


- Being the spouse you want to be


- Creating a home and life you love


- AND having some time for YOU

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...... we've got A LOT going on and let's be honest....

(I have two under three + have run 2 businesses myself... I feel ya!)

Good news- you're not alone!

Hundreds of women in this community are striving for a more present productive life... and are reaching it!


Come see how at my next FREE Live coaching event!

Hey! I'm Megan

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Mom to two beautiful babies under 3 (Jack + Sophia- and their furbaby Henry), a wife to the most supportive husband ever (Collin) and the owner of The Mompreneur Guide.


As a podcast host and Minimalist Business Strategist, I help mompreneurs simplify their businesses so they can be more present + productive. With more than 15 years of startup experience ranging from two businesses of my own to the seedling phase at companies like Poshmark, I combine my experience, education and passion to help mom entrepreneurs navigate this lifestyle with as much clarity and alignment as possible.


As a child of a mompreneur, I've been lucky to experience this lifestyle from both sides- as the child and the mom. It's SUCH an impactful decision to make for not only you but your kids too. Which is why I'm such an advocate for it... but by no means is it an easy path. It takes structure, strategy, simplicity and intentionality but on the other side... you'll find your dream life!

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